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If you would like to make a donation, please send via PayPal to or visit to donate via SourceForge Donations:
Name Date Amount
Terry Kennedy 2006-02-05 $50
Anonymous 2006-03-11 $20
S80_UK 2006-03-16 $50
AlwaysCool 2006-04-18 $50
Trey 2006-06-26 $50
Anonymous 2006-08-23 $10
Beckfield 2007-02-25 $20
Anton 2007-04-26 $20
sungod000 2007-10-22 $20
brianf116 2007-11-16 $25
Peter Dibbert 2008-02-04 $20
Rene Kelbling 2008-02-04 $25
redhat 2008-04-04 $23
Total   $383
Name Date Item Amount
sbingner 2006-02-07 160GB Seagate HDD ST9160821A $375

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This site is dedicated to modifying the phatbox to support unsigned hard drives and generally permit any modifications. This can be accomplished and you can now use any laptop drive in your Phatbox or Music Keg. See the page on the Wiki or the forum thread.